I love This American Life, but unlike most shows on NPR, they don’t take advantage of the huge potential income that could be gained by directly linking to purchase links for the songs they feature.  Anyways, I’m too lazy to do that too, since it’s easier to search for and link to YouTube videos and last.fm tracks.  But anyways, I hope this helps you find the track you’re looking for.  I’m actually looking for the music that Ira used beneath one of his recent pledge break segments that was played on KQED.  This one had something to do with listener feeling too young at 19 to be able to pledge, and that she figured if public radio *really* needed the money, she could swoop in at the last minute and help.  Ira’s plea was to not keep us (your public radio station) hanging.  Anybody know the music behind this one?  Piano and strings.  Argh.


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